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Marmosets video

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Baby Marmosets Playing With Parents and Nursing

Baby marmoset monkeys with their parents, playing and nursing. Find out more information about Poggi's Animal House: http://www.poggisanimalhouse.com call us...

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marmosets housing

marmoset cages.

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Releasing the Marmosets - The Zoo Keepers - BBC

When warm weather comes to Devon, the Marmosets are let out of their winter quarters. Zookeepers follows Jinti at Paignton Zoo as she opens their cage. Visit...

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Common Marmosets in the Wild

Visit http://www.marmosetcare.com/ for information about common marmoset behaviour and how best to care for them in captivity. Supported by the NC3Rs and PSG...

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Introduction to Poggi's Animal House - Adult Marmoset Monkey

A little introduction to Poggi's Animal House. We are a USDA Certified and US Fish and Wildlife Permitted Animal Sanctuary that houses exotic animals and als...

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Common Marmosets are Highly Social

Visit http://www.marmosetcare.com/ for information about common marmoset behaviour and how best to care for them in captivity. Supported by the NC3Rs and PSG...

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The Marmosets " Summer in the City "

Blues und Beat for Benefit. im Delphi Showpalast Hamburg. 21 April 2013.

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info on having marmosets.

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International Primate Rescue (1 of 4) : Playing with Marmosets

A volunteer at International Primate Rescue, inside an enclosure with a friendly group of Marmosets. http://www.iprescue.org Become a volunteer carer at Inte...

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Handling and Training Common Marmosets

Visit http://www.marmosetcare.com/ for information about common marmoset behaviour and how best to care for them in captivity. Supported by the NC3Rs and PSG...

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marmosets playing

trying to get crickets.

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Silvery marmosets playfight with a flower

http://www.zsl.org Silvery marmosets live in family units consisting of a breeding pair and their offspring. The male silvery marmoset will carry the young a...

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All-New Freshwater Oasis® Webisode No. 2 -- Marmosets | Discovery Cove®

Discovery Cove®'s All-New Freshwater Oasis® Webisode No. 2 -- Marmosets CUTE ANIMAL SIGHTING: Opening later this spring at Discovery Cove® is Freshwater Oasi...

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Marmoset Triplets

When a mother marmoset has triplets, all of them are at risk of starvation or neglect. For one lucky baby marmoset, the solution is to be raised by a human. ...

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kyra the marmosets first bath


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Smallest Monkey On the Planet - Pygmy Marmosets

Take a tour of Unusual Facts About Pygmy Marmosets in Miami, United States - part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Say he...

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Marmosets in medical research

Monkeys used in research are housed in family groups and can groom each other, climb, forage for food and play. These marmosets were filmed in their living q...

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The Marmosets

Live at the Thatch.

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Monkey Haven Keeper Diaries: Feeding the Callitrichids (Marmosets and Tamarins)

Callitrichidae is a family of New World monkeys, which includes the marmosets and tamarins. Their diet consists mainly of fruit, insects and tree sap. Shown ...

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The Marmosets " Hush "

Blues & Beat for Benefit im Delphi - Showpalast Hamburg 21. April 2013.

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Pygmy Marmosets, Shaldon Zoo (3rd July 2014)

Pygmy marmosets; including the triplet babies at Shaldon Zoo.

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Nigel And The Marmosets - Rio

Meet the bad guy Nigel and his team of Marmosets of 'Rio' the 3D animated movie, all set to take off in April 2011. Watch this amazing promo and stay hooked ...

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Pygmy Marmoset ピグミーマーモセット


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Marty Whelan meets the Pygmy Marmosets at Dublin Zoo!

Marty Whelan from RTÉ Lyric FM's 'Marty In The Morning' visits Dublin Zoo to learn more about the Pygmy Marmosets!

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o Social behaviours o Vocalizations o Grooming o Large group with more than 13 individuals o Juvenile to adults.

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Pygmy Marmosets- Fire came (Acoustic)

Here's some acoustic session of the band Pygmy Marmosets The song's called fire came. Enjoy it folks! Lyrics: The look he gave her touched his soul His touch...

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Natural World - Clever Monkeys (Part 1/6)

Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6F98B69CCC755C6B Clever Monkeys "David Attenborough's entertaining romp through the world of monkeys has a ...

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Marmosets as Pets

A video about Monkeys.

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The silvery marmosets roam free at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Up until now the close-knit family of seven, which includes Choc and Chip and Humbug and Mint, have lived in their wooden enclosure in the middle of the zoo....

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Successful cooperation of common marmosets

The board is too long to enable one individual member to operate the lever and reach the food at the same time. However, the individual can do the other memb...

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Animal attractions in Sochi: Yo-Yo the Crocodile, lemurs and marmosets

Fans at the Sochi Olympics are dropping by the Sochi Zoo between sports events. Watch this RIA Novosti footage of the life of the animals at the zoo. http://...

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www.monkeymommy.com for more info or prices.

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Marmosets catching crickets

common marmosets having fun eating silent crickets http://www.facebook.com/fifeanimaltrust.

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Baby Black-tailed Marmosets, Shaldon Zoo (10th March 2014)

Two any black-tailed marmosets at Shaldon Zoo.

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Baby Pygmy Marmosets, Shaldon Zoo (23rd June 2014)

The family of pygmy marmosets (including the triplet babies) at Shaldon Zoo.

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